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The Louvain Centre for Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

The Louvain Centre for Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (LTAP) was established in 2009 to conduct advanced research on the effects of xenobiotics on human health. It addresses both intended (applied pharmacology) and adverse health effects of chemicals (toxicology).

The centre integrates interdisciplinary expertise (clinical, analytical, experimental, epidemiological sciences) and is actively engaged in commissioned projects and research for European, national and regional government bodies, major companies, trade associations, etc.

LTAP combines wide experience in research and publishing with youthful flair and imagination.

LTAP is part of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research (IREC) and located on the UCL campus in Brussels :

Tour Pasteur
avenue E. Mounier, 53- box B1-52-12
1200 Brussels, Belgium
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> LTAP seminar
The next LTAP seminar entitled "Resistance mechanism to macrolides among Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from Cystic Fibrosis patients" will be given on Tuesday 19 April 2016 (9 a.m.) by Muhammad Hariri Mustafa (LDRI, UCL).

| adresse : Tour Pasteur, avenue E. Mounier, 53- box B1-52-12, 1200 Brussels, Belgium (Belgique) |