Research activities

Research activities

Development and application of non-invasive biomarkers to detect early effects of pollutants on the respiratory tract and other target organs
A. Bernard ... more

Physico-chemical properties of nanomaterials that determine their toxicity
D. Lison and S. van den Brule ... more

Experimental models of particle-induced lung inflammation and fibrosis : health benefits from basic discovery.
F. Huaux ... more

Systematic review and meta-analysis : pesticides and human health (cancers and neurodegenerative diseases)
G. Van Maele-Fabry ... more

Critical care toxicology: from the management of acute poisoning to the investigation of the mechanisms of toxicity
P. Hantson ... more

Evaluation of health hazards and risks of chemicals
P. Hoet ... more

Therapeutic drug monitoring : A multidisciplinary approach to reach personalized medicine
P. Wallemacq ... more

Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis: “From bench to bed”
T. Leal ... more

Human pharmacogenomics or the promises of a personalized medicine. Clinical and experimental studies of the influence of genetic polymorphisms on the metabolism of drugs.
V. Haufroid ... more


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